Universal 433Mhz wireless 4channel Copy Code Remote Control face to face cloning Garage door switch

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Please read the following description before purchasing, return isn't an option!
In the configuration and selling process, most clients wish to replace the original remote control with a general remote control, while such remote control has not been developed. You may configure your remote control within 3 seconds if you meet the following three conditions:
Condition I: the original remote control may be used normally
Condition II: frequency of original remote control is 433Mhz
Condition III: IC/MCU model of original remote control is 2262 2260 1527 2240 and compatible IC (rolling code remotes won't work)

Please confirm two things (1. Frequency/2. Chip code(Encoder IC)before you buy it. It's very very important. Do Not ignore them.
Not only the frequency has to be the same, but also meet the following condition:
The cloning remote can clone all 433.92MHz Fixed code key fobs. Some remotes that use this frequency are listed below. This is not a complete list! If your remote uses the 433.92MHZ frequency it will work with the remote duplicator (note: rolling code remotes will not work)
Compatibility is the most widely MCU code, can copy commercial PT2262 PT2264 PT2260, PT2240, PT1527,SC2262, SC2260, EV1527, SCT527, HS1527, HS2240, SCL1527, FP1527 HS2262 HS2260 LX2262 LX2260 EV1527 encoding chip. Such as the sound table frequency stabilization, can copy the commonly used electric door, gate, fixed code, learning code wireless remote control, the operation is simple, practical and convenient.
 If you fail in copying with proper operation, you might have to check whether your device meet the requirement listed above.