How to use "Smart Life" APP with QIACHIP Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit to control your ceiling fan ?

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User Manual

Instructions about "Smart Life" APP and QIACHIP Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit:

You can watch QIACHIP Wi-Fi ceiling fan controller installation demo video at YOUTUBE:


  • Receiver Functions(Right Diagram)QIACHIP Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit -1

AC IN L (Left Black)

Input Live wire

AC IN N (Left White)

Input Neutral wire

FAN (Right Black)

Output Fan Live wire (Fan)

LIGHT (Right Blue)

Output Light Live wire (Light)

COM (Right White)

Output Neutral wire

 (Light & Fan Common connection)


  • Remote Control Functions (Right Diagram)

QIACHIP Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit -2

① LED Light

Indicator LED Light


Minimum, Medium, Maximum Fan speed


Stops Fan

④ 2H/4H/8H/1H

Fan & Light Timer

⑤ Light ON/OFF

Switch Light from on & off


  • Installation

QIACHIP Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit -3


  • Wiring diagram

QIACHIP Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit -4


  • Pairing SmartlifeMobile APP

Pairing SmartlifeMobile APP QR code

Scan the QR code to download the "Smart Life" APP

  1. Download and Open “Smart Life” Mobile App.
  2. Press the + button in the top right corner of the mobile App.
  3. Under “Add Manually” select Home Appliances.
  4. Select Fan.
  5. Click “Confirm indicator rapidly blink” and type in your Wi-Fi name & password then proceed to click “OK”
  6. After the loading screen go back to homepage and you should be able to find your device there.




Operating Voltage

110V/220V Depending on model

Max Load Power

<300W Ceiling Fan / <200W LED Light

Standby Power consumption

<0.5 W

Working temperature


Control Method

Remote Control & Mobile App Control

Wiring Method

Live Wire & Neutral Wire

  • Q&A

Q: If you remote cannot control the receiver. 

A: 1.Please turn off the power

     2.Turn on the power again

     3.Press and hold "LIGHT" and "HI" at the same time. Until the receiver emits "beep" three times.

Q: If you cannot pair the Smart life APP. 

A: 1. Please check whether the Wi-Fi network is 2.4g

     2. Turn off the power and turn on the power again, wait for 10 seconds, then press and hold "LIGHT" and "HI" at the same time until the receiver emits a prolonged beep sound three times.

     3. Pairing Smartlife Mobile APP again.


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  • Vic Ferreira on

    After power cut the light automatically comes on. How do I set so that on power up the light stays off until switched on by remote

  • agustin on

    he comprado dos receptores wifi y no consigo emparejarlos con smart live. ¿que tengo que hacer?

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