QIACHIP 433MHz 4 Button 1527 Learning button Wireless Remote Control KT16

1527 Learning button Wireless Remote Control with No Cloning

Specifications Of The Transmitter:

Model Number: KT16-4.
Materials: ABS.
Channel: 4 Channel.
Encoding Type: Learning Code (1527).
F Frequency: 433 MHz.
Modulation System: ASK.
Match Code Way: Fixed Code.
Working Voltage: DC 12V.
Working Current: <25mA.
Working RF Frequency: 433MHZ.
Transmitting Power: +13dbm.
Remote Control Distance: 50m(Please notice that the 100m distance is the ideal distance without any block and signal interfere. It would rise and fall about 10%-50% with the block and signal interference).



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