Qiachip KT19-4 remote control 4 button and Learning code

The gadget is a wireless remote control key fob(Transmitter), which comes with ultra-strong function and bring you much convenience in your daily life. It support remotely and wirelessly control your garage door, electronic gates, electrical appliances and other telecommand devices within 100m (free space). Bringing you brand new experience of remote control, you can not miss it.
*Only Support 1527 Learning Code: This remote control only support the learning code (1527) of the receiver (not included). Compatible with remote control using these chips: PT1527,EV1527, SCT527, HS1527, SCL1527, FP1527,EV1527, etc. (Compatible with the most of 1527 Remote Control Relay Receiver Module, If the remote control is lost, buy one and pair with the receiver is OK.).
*Strong RF Signal:
Encrypted wireless RF signal can pass through wall without interference problem and offer the effective remote control distance up to 100m / 330ft (free space).
*Personalized Design: Adopts radio frequency technology and stable circuit, high accurate and high-effective, individuation and humanization design, bringing you much convenience.
*Easy to use: No wiring, no App required, the 4 channel remote control key fob (transmitter) lets you easily take control of your gadgets, car and home or garage.
*Widely Use: It can connect to the electronic control lock, light, fan, window, curtain, motor, car, lifting appliance, motor control, lifter control or other appliances. Also can remote unlock the door, close the light, open or close the curtain, etc.
1.This remote control only support the learning code (1527) of the receiver
2.This remote can not be programmed.
3.It will not work if you only buy the transmitter. it is parts of the remote control system, it needs work with the Remote Control Relay Receiver module to achieve controlling.
4.We don't offer retail package, but we will pack it well before shipped out.
Model: KT19-4
Operating RF Frequency: 433MHz
Coded System: 1527 Learning Code
Working Voltage: DC 6V
Working Current: 15mA
Modulation System: ASK
Wireless Operating Distance: 100m(Free Space)
Color: Black
Main Item Size: 5.5 * 3.0 * 1.5cm / 2.17 * 1.18 * 0.39in
Main Item Weight: 20g/0.7oz
Package Size: 6.0 * 3.5 * 2.0m / 2.36 * 1.37 * 0.78in
Package Weight: 23g/0.8oz

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