TX118SA-4 ASK RF Transmitter Module Remote Control 1527 Encoding For Arduino Module DIY 433MHz

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  • We got 4 slots buttons!


Module details: 


Model: TX118SA-4

Transmitting power: 11dbm

Distance: 200M

Emission current: 10MA

Standby current: less than 3UA

Rate of fire: maximum 10KB / S

Transmit deviation: +/- 7. 5KHZ / narrow-band emission

Modulation: ASK

Operating Voltage: DC 3V-24V

Customizable special code: MCU type.Optional fixed encoding type: PT2262 / EV1527 / HT6P20B

Key data: A, B, C, D groups of 4 inputs can be combined into 15 groups.Standby current: <3UA

Each module has a unique ID address code.

All modules K1-K4 four key code is the same.