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Instructions KR2201W KR2202 Latched Latching Momentary Receiver Module RF Toggle User manual Wi-Fi Ceiling Fan Remote Control Kit WIFI wifi ceiling fan controller

New product preview!

New products are coming online soon !!KR2201G a Small receiver !

Remote Control Switch User Manual

220V Remote Control Switch (Receiver)


12V Remote Control Switch (Receiver)


24V Remote Control Switch (Receiver)

Qiachip KR2402A 6V-30V 2CH Wireless Remote Switch user manual


Qiachip KR2202 & KR2402 The 2 Channel Receiver Special Mode

Remote Control User Manual

Remote Control For Match Receiver Only(Transmitter)


Remote Control For Cloning (Transmitter)

QIACHIP KT190 Metal copy remote control user manual

DIY Module User Manual


QIACHIP RX500 RF Receiver Module user manual

QIACHIP RX18211 RF Receiver Module user manual

QIACHIP TX118SA RF Transmitter Module user manual


More Other User Manual


Ceiling Fan Light Remote Control Kit

How to turn off the sound of WIFI fan light in APP ? 

Led  Strip Lights Remote Control Switch Kit

QIACHIP RF KTRGB-17K-4&RXRGB-17K-4 17 KEY Remote Control Kit user manual


How to use QIACHIP 433 Mhz Wireless RF Wall Panel remote control Switches?A smart Home light Automation





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