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Qiachip RF Smart Switch Online User Menu

Posted by Samuel Kwan on

Welcome to our online user menu, we will guide you step by step on our product functions. There are multiple functions available on our products including pairing with Amazon Alexa in order to control the switch with voice instructions. Wiring Instructions Input N: input neutral wire Input L:  input live wire Output N: output neutral wire Output L: output live wire Warning High Voltage, please take necessary precautions in order to avoid electrical shock. Connect the output N wire and L wire to the device you wish to control. Then, connect the input N wire and L wire to the...

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1-channel remote control switch controller receiver instruction manual

Posted by SHIZHE WANG on

This manual applies to the following product models: 1) KR2201 2) KR2201B 3) KR2201D 4) KR2201E 5) KR1201 6) KR2401 The above remote control switch controller is a receiver and needs to be matched with the remote control (transmitter) to work. The action of the receiver is controlled by the transmitter. The function description and setting method of the remote control switch (Hereinafter referred to as “receiver"): Reset function: After push the receiver's learning button 8 times, The receiver Clear all the remote control data in its memory. When the receiver's LED flashes a few times, It indicates that the clear...

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