How to use Qiachip wireless doorbell ? wireless doorbell manual

Product Manual                                       

Dear users, you are welcome to choose this product. Before using this product, please read the operation guide in detail and save this operation guide for future reference

Note: The product pictures are subject to the actual product. We will update this manual regularly according to the increase or upgrade of product functions. The updated content will be printed in the new version of this description without prior notice.


Function description and setting method               

* Note: All the following working modes require the Doorbell (Transmitter) and Doorbell (receiver) provided with this product. There is no guarantee that other products can be used with this product.

Reset function:

Clear all matching doorbells (remote control). When the data in the receiver will be cleared, all remote controllers (remote controllers) cannot make the receiver work until the next pairing is completed.

Settings reset:

Press and hold <Volume> for about 10 seconds, the music sounds, do not let go at this time, until you hear the sound of ding-dong, it means the code is cleared successfully.

Matching modes:

Press and hold the <Volume> for about 5 seconds, the 30th music will sound and enter the code matching mode. At this time, please use the remote control to transmit a signal to match the code.

Description of the working modes :

Music button:

The product contains 30 music in total. In normal use, press <Music button> once to switch music. The music is based on the actually recorded track.

Volume button:

1) The volume of this product is divided into four levels. Each time you press <Volume>, the volume of the receiver will switch from small to large in the range of 1-4. When the volume reaches the maximum, it will switch to the minimum volume.

2) Long press to enter password matching and clearing mode.

Doorbell button:

After the pairing is successful, the receiver will play the preset music by pressing the doorbell button.

How to set ?

Switch music:

Connect the power and press <Music > once to switch the doorbell music.

Set the volume:

Connect the power supply, press <Volume> once, and then switch the volume of steps from small to large.

* When you press the <Volume>, the volume will be switched directly without a reminder.


TECHNICAL DATE                                

Supply Voltage

AC 220V/110V

The output frequency


Consumption Current


Transmission Power


Transmission Distance

50m (Free Space).

battery model



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