How to use Qiachip four button copy remote control (Qiachip KT190 remote control) ?




The chip can be copied:

2260 (all manufacturers), 2262 (all manufacturers), PT2264,(all manufacturers), SC5262,HT600,HT680,HT6207,HT6010,HT6012,HT6014,SMC918 series, 527 (all manufacturers), 1527 (all manufacturers), 2240 (all manufacturers), HCS101, HCS200 \ HCS201 (part of the code), HCS300 \

HCS301 (part of the code)

how to use

Step1 – delete the existing code of our remote duplicator

1) Press and Hold “A” and “B” buttons together - Led will flash 3 times Keep holding “A” button and release “B” button

2) Keep holding “A” button and push “B” button 3 times, Led will start flashing Non-stop

(Please note: during the deletion procedure, make sure to keep the “A” button pressed the

whole time)

Now press any key on the remote control, LED lights are not bright, so delete code success; if you

press the button LED lamp is lit, indicating that the original code is not deleted!

Step2 - clone your original remote

1) Put both remotes into “back to back” position. Make sure they have direct contact.Or the two remote controls should be placed as closely as possible (put the two remote controls on the desktop side by side with zero distance)

2) Press and hold one button on your original remote and one button on your clone remote.Keep holding until LED will make 2 blinks (Note: LED 2 blinks not to release button)Then 3 blinks then into steady and you have successfully cloned. ( other buttons follow the same above operation)

Did you accidentally clear the code?

Press and Hold “C” and “D” buttons together - Led will flash 3 times, code will automatically


If for some reason the clone does not go further then 2 blinks , it means the signal does not go

through, please shift the remote slowly up and down until you get the point where it will go


For the presence of noise, it should avoid interference to operate, If the copy is not successful,

it should recopy after clearing code.


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