How to use QIACHIP Universal Wireless 433 Mhz Remote Control Switch 1 CH RF Relay Receiver LED Light Controller?MTD12A-4 (Motor Module) user manual

Model:MTD12A-4 (Motor Module)


Electrical parameters:

  • Working voltage: 3-18V
  • Maximum load current: 2A
  • Standby current: 5-6mA (without power saving mode)
  • Working current: (mainly depends on the current of the load motor) generally 200-300mA
  • Maximum load power: 24W, ideal maximum current 2A (long-term safe work: below 1A, 10-20W)
  • Receiving frequency: 920MHZ
  • Receiving sensitivity: -100dBM
  • Port output impedance: 50ohm
  • Modulation type: ASK/OOK
  • Support encoding format: 1527 learning code
  • Learning method: key learning
  • Working mode: jog, self-lock, interlock, clear code.
  • Storage quantity: 12 groups of functions can be memorized
  • Working temperature: -20~80 degrees
  • Working mode: inching, self-locking, interlocking
  • Dimensions: 2 X 12.8 X 3.1
  • Weight: 2g
  • Application range: small motors, motor drives.
  • Recommended solutions: remote control gate valves, remote control toy cars, remote control curtains, etc.
  • Recommended motor: geared motor




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