Qiachip KT01-117S-4 1527 Learning code Metal remote control instruction manual

Model: KT01-117S-4 


Technical Data
Input Power:DC3V
Working current:>12mA
RF Frequency:433MHz
Transmitter Power:≥10mW
Remote control distance:>50M
Frequency deviation:±0.2MHz
Transmission rate:50--60KHZ
Size: 55*33*12 mm
Oscillation resistance: 330K  
Encoding: 1527 Learning code

Battery: CR2032 *1pcs

Each remote controller has an independent address code, so the remote controllers are separate individuals and do not cause mutual interference.

Anti-theft alarm system for home and shopping malls; alarms for electric cars, cars, motorcycles, various window controllers and other industrial controllers (supports 1527 encoding format).



Product Instruction





  1. Press the remote control button remote control LED light, send code.

Matters needing attention
1. When the voltage of the remote control is insufficient, please change the battery in time (when the voltage of the remote control is insufficient, the remote control distance is generally shorter).
2. When using wireless electronic products, be careful to avoid metal masks, large electronic equipment, electromagnetic fields, etc., which have strong sources of interference, to avoid short distances between the remote control and the receiver or failure to work properly. 3. Do not use this electronic product abnormally. Improper use will reduce product performance and life. In severe cases, it will damage the product and bring hidden dangers to your safety.



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